Faith (Ayaka) Suzuki, Competitive Triathlete while Working Full-Time


Faith (Ayaka) Suzuki started her journey as a competitive triathlete when a guy ghosted her in 2015. Little did she know that the first run she took for emotional destressing would take her on a journey of fitness and competitions. It wasn’t until 2017 when she took to triathlon on a more serious note. Despite the late start in this path, she is mostly a podium finisher.

She is a humble athlete who would downplay her achievements. Having tried triathlon sprints which are a fraction of what she does on a regular basis, I know mere mortals like myself,  can’t easily achieve what she has done. She races almost every couple of weeks and they are not short distances.

Faith definitely qualifies as the Everyday Warrior who’s striving to be better and live the life she’s passionate about.

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She works full time with a sports company which gives her the flexibility to train 1.5 to 2 hours a day. Prior to this, she made arrangements with workplaces that allow her to train during lunch hours or leave at a decent hour after work for training. She’s working with coaches at TriEdge Team who sends her weekly templates for training. The training templates would vary depending on her goals and work. There are times when she’s unable to complete the training schedule as planned.

Faith’s Strategies for her races:

  • Plan a big race which she calls A Race. Once she has that in mind, she would plan smaller races which she calls B or C Races before the A Race. This is to get herself mentally and physically prepared for the bigger race.
  • The season in Japan for Triathlons is between April to September. Outside those months, she would sign up for running or biking races just to keep mentally and physically sharp i.e. half marathons, bike, swims.
  • Try as much as possible to stick to training schedule. Have support group ie coaches or athletic community around.
  • Having enough sleep. Faith calls herself the nap champion. Having a good night’s sleep and catching a nap as and when she can helps with post training recovery.
  • A week prior to the race, she stops drinking (yes, don’t hate her), and dials down her training load.

During the race:

  • Set goals prior to the race in regards to studying the path, which part to go for it and which to stay at pace.
  • When things get tough, set smaller goals i.e. get to that building and keep moving that smaller goal until finished.
  • Quitting is not an option. Just knowing that you will complete it regardless of how much pain you are in means you can’t call it quits during the race.
  • Food during the race is still something she’s experimenting with. There were disasters, like beef jerky (do not try), and better things like peanut butter sandwiches. Happy to hear any inputs on this!


She claims there isn’t much to talk about as she eats everything. However, it should be noted that Faith doesn’t eat junk food and eating everything is pretty much eating whole foods such as grains, pasta, fish, meats and vegetables.

It took me a long time to work out the podcast interview with Faith as she’s based in Tokyo. Apologies as this podcast would not have great sound quality on my side. However, Faith will be loud and clear, that’s more important!